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Sport Venue Management

The Sport Venue Management (SVM) emphasis area is the most recent addition to the Department of Hospitality Management's academic programming. Students will receive specialized instruction in the management and operation of sport venues. The business of live entertainment, including concerts and event production, is another focus of the emphasis area.

In addition, students have opportunities to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-world events. A formal internship is required and many students volunteer and/or work part-time with properties including Mizzou Athletics, the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, MU Event Production Services, among other sport and entertainment organizations.

Beyond the classroom and work environments, there are additional professional development opportunities. The Sport Venue Management Association (SVMA) is the emphasis area's official student organization. Students are also encouraged to join the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) to help build their industry network, receive scholarship opportunities, attend conferences and gain access to the numerous educational resources available to members.

SVM students have attended the Sport Management Symposium held at Illinois State University. Other dynamic conferences, such as the annual Sport Entertainment and Venues Tomorrow held at the University of South Carolina, encourage student attendance by offering significant registration discounts.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students will be prepared to assume leadership positions in the dynamic sport venue and entertainment industries.

Industry Snapshot

Sport Venue Management

Students will have opportunities to get hands-on experience with Mizzou Athletics among other properties.

  • Thousands of sport venues in the United States including stadiums, arenas, gyms, athletic complexes and aquatic centers.
  • Sport industry revenues annually exceed $300 Billion, making it one of the largest commercial industries in North America.
  • The top 100 North American concert tours grossed $2.52 Billion in 2012. Most of these concerts were performed in sport venues such as arenas.
  • The average salary for North American arena directors/chief executives in 2012 was $118,179. For stadium directors/chief executives, the average salary in 2012 was $141,434.
  • Sport venues offer a variety of career options including general management, operations and event production, box office operations, venue and event marketing, corporate sales, guest services, community relations, food and beverage, and merchandising.
Sport Venue Management

In addition to managing sport events, students will learn how to attract, plan, and execute live entertainment events such as concerts.


Hsp_Mgmt 1505 Fundamentals of Sport Venue Management
Hsp_Mgmt 2550 Practicum
Hsp_Mgmt 3510 Guest Service Management
Hsp_Mgmt 3515 Sport Venue Operation Management
Hsp_Mgmt 4520 Business of Sport Venue Management
Hsp_Mgmt 4525 Sport Venue Design and Risk Management
Hsp_Mgmt 4191 Internship in Hospitality Management