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Student Organizations

Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) International Hospitality Honor Society

ESD chapters provide professional, organizational and educational benefits that affect individual students, the hospitality program and the institution. In 1978, a group of students from the University of New Hampshire's Whittemore School of Business and Economics, identified a need to recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievement, meritorious service and demonstrated professionalism. At that time, honor societies existed for other disciplines, but not for the field of study serving one of the world's largest industries. Since 1978, 90+ chapters have been established on various campuses.

The membership to this society is by invitation only. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria: either are in the top 20% of the class or maintain either a 3.0 GPA after completing 50 percent of credits required for graduation. Most importantly, students must agree to uphold the values of excellence, leadership, creativity, service, and ethics. Faculty advisor is Dr. Dae-Young Kim (kimdae@missouri.edu).

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)

The Association provides an inside look into the many career opportunities in club management, with hands-on experience from industry professionals. It promotes students' professional growth in the hospitality industry through a variety of events. Professional activieits include club tours, chapter meetings, national conferences, and fun networking events with club managers throughout the nation. Faculty advisor is Dr. Amanda Alexander (Alexanderac@missouri.edu).

https://orgsync.com/47082/chapter https://www.facebook.com/CmaaMizzou/

Missouri Association of Venue Managers (MAVM)

This focus of the Association is on hard work, dedication, and helping students develop professionally. Through the association, members are encouraged and teamwork and networking opportunities are provided in the Sport and Entertainment Industry. Faculty advisor is Dr. Mauro Palmero (palmerom@missouri.edu)

Website: http://mavm.weebly.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mizzoumavm/

Mizzou Hotel & Lodging Student Association (MHLSA)

The newly formed Association strives to mentor, shape, and prepare the hospitality leaders of tomorrow, so membership is open to all students in Hospitality Management. The Association organizes networking events, fundraising opportunities, guest speakers and onsite visits to lodging properties. Members will gain an exposure of the operational and management aspects of the lodging industry. Faculty advisor is Dr. Seonghee Cho (choseo@missouri.edu).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/277584486024905/

Mizzou Special Events Society (MSES)

This student organization focuses on helping students network and professionally develop in the special events industry. Members travel to workshops and meetings to expand their knowledge and gain opportunities to future internships and careers. MSES works closely with the St. Louis ILEA (International Live Events Association) Chapter and will continue to expand its relationships with its members in the future. Faculty Advisor is Dr. Amanda Alexander (Alexanderac@missouri.edu).

Email: mses2014@gmail.com Website: mses-mu.weebly.com Facebook: Mizzou special events society Back to top