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Program for Graduation

All students who have completed 75 hours must file a Course Program for Graduation form with the Academics Programs Office. If you already have an approved Program for Graduation and need to make changes, you will need to submit a Graduation Program Change form.

Instructions for Completing the Program for Graduation Form

  • Obtain the graduation form from the HM Office, 118 Eckles Hall, and follow the Hospitality Degree Requirements by Emphasis Area (Excel).
  • Using your degree audit or copy of your transcript as a guide, fill in the appropriate information for courses that you have completed, showing the department, course number, course name, how many credit hours were earned, the semester and year the course was completed, and the grade.
  • Show a plan for completion of the courses that remain by filling in the information needed. Your expected graduation date will be determined by this information.
  • The six electives that you choose to complete the department requirements can be selected from the Professional Electives. Other courses may be substituted based on adviser approval.
  • The electives that make up the minimum of 16 credits needed can be any course that does not fit into the other categories on the plan, which are accepted by the University and CAFNR. Please note that the State Law Requirement is included in this section.
  • You must earn the 120 credit hours specified in the plan.
  • Bring the completed form to your appointment with your adviser.
  • Do not fill out lower-left area above the signature section. However, when your plan has been completed and reviewed by your adviser, you will sign and date on the student signature line. The HM program office will submit the plan to the Academic Programs office. A copy will be given to you and kept in your file pending approval.
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