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Undergraduate Advising

All students entering the Hospitality Management (HM) program will first meet with the Division's Academic Advisor. If you have further academic or career related questions, feel free to get in touch with your faculty advisor and/or undergraduate adviser chair Eliza C. Tse, Ph.D.

You then will be assigned a faculty adviser who will work with you as you progress through the degree program. You can count on your adviser to help you select the appropriate classes each semester and to help you develop a semester-by-semester graduation plan.

Be sure to check your Mizzou e-mail frequently for advising announcements.

The HM faculty offer several help sessions before each early registration period. During these help sessions, faculty provide advice on selecting courses and meeting graduation requirements and will distribute consent forms for courses offered by the HM department.

The Program for Graduation

Once you have completed 75 credit hours, you must submit a graduation plan (Program for Graduation) to the Dean's office before you will be allowed to register for the next semester. A graduation plan ensures that you are aware of all course requirements needed to complete your HM degree.

Once you have completed the graduation plan, it must be approved and signed by your faculty adviser and then by the HM undergraduate adviser chair.

The graduation plan is then sent to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources academic adviser for final approval and Dean's signature. Copies of the plan are sent to the student and placed in the student's folder in the HM program.

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