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Undergraduate Program

HM undergraduate

A bachelor's of science degree in Hospitality Management will provide you with all the skills you'll need to succeed in a wide variety of hospitality management careers.

Our program allows you to understand the principles involved in leading a successful hospitality organization. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to practice these principles in applied courses and through an internship. You can individualize your degree program to fit the career field that most interests you.

The business and managerial skills you'll acquire while earning your HM degree will prepare you for any number of careers in many industries, including:

  • Manage and operate a hotel, lodge or resort that caters to a specific audience or the general public. Use your business and entrepreneurial skills to set your establishment apart from the competition by becoming the place everyone wants to go for those memorable family vacations or romantic weekend getaways.
  • Prepare gourmet meals, entertain your guests in the dining room or operate your own full-service catering business. Your degree in HM will give you the tools you need to be successful in the food service management industry.
  • From amusement parks and casinos to day spas and dinner theaters, your guests will truly appreciate that you've thought of their every need, desire and convenience. Hospitality marketing skills you develop at MU will ensure that customers hear about the excellent products and services you offer and keep your business growing.
  • Planning and managing events for a variety of clientele. One of the newest career opportunities, event planning, involves arranging, planning and executing a variety of events for a variety of clientele. The skills you learn in our hospitality program will prepare you to meet this new challenge.
  • Sales, marketing, human resources and financial positions are available in all types of hospitality operations. If you have an interest in one of these areas, our program can help you prepare for these challenging opportunities.

Capstone Course

Students will take HM 4970 as their capstone course. The intent of this course is to allow students to use knowledge learned in previous courses in a project that connects the classroom to the hospitality industry.

For the last several years, this project has focused on students working in teams to develop a business plan for a hotel or restaurant they propose to build on a specific site in Columbia. Developing the business plan requires students to do research on the hospitality industry in general as well as the industry in Columbia.

Capstone project

Students use the knowledge they learned in marketing, human resources, finance and hospitality operation to develop the different sections of the business plan. The final business plan is evaluated by the course instructor and industry professionals.

Students also participate in an end-of-semester poster presentation for several judges including hospitality faculty, friends of the HM program and hospitality practitioners.

Students comment that the course is tough but is beneficial for them in understanding how to apply classroom knowledge to "the real world" of hospitality.

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