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Over the several years, about three-fourth of graduate students have been supported by either research or teaching assistantship funding with priority given to PhD students. Graduate students can also seek other funding opportunities from multiple sources such as Office of Graduate Studies, campus employment, and the Hospitality Management program.

Teaching and research assistantship provide a tuition waive, a stipend, and student insurance. Assistantship appointments are made for a term of one semester or academic year depending upon program needs and are renewable based upon performance in the program, and at the discretion of the faculties. To continue the assistantship, the student must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, good academic standing, and an acceptable work performance.


Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are allocated to individual professors on the basis of funded research projects. Research assistants (RAs) are assigned to work for a faculty member. The supervising faculty member normally becomes the student’s main advisor, but not always. Duties of RAs include all tasks needed to pursue research in a given area such as:
Data collection, entry, and analysis
Reviewing the literature and other library work
Writing reports and academic papers
Copying, filling, collating, and etc.

Teaching Assistantships

Several teaching assistantships are available in the program. Teaching assistants (TAs) serve as a course facilitator under the tutelage and supervision of regular faculty members who are responsible for curriculum and instruction in the program. TAs’ duties vary depending on courses, but normally are responsible for the following:

  • Teaching or assisting with courses
  • Grading student papers and exams
  • Developing class materials
  • Set up classroom facilities
  • Holding regular office hours and meeting with students
  • Conducting study and review sessions

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