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About the Hospitality Management Program

Running any business requires strong marketing, finance and communication skills, but to be successful in the hospitality industry requires much more.

Whether you're operating a seaside resort or managing a trendy New York City restaurant, you must create an experience for your guests so unique they'll not only want to come back, but they'll also want to bring their friends. Sound interesting? Then consider a career in Hospitality Management.

The Hospitality Management program at the University of Missouri develops students to be responsible citizens and successful, ethical hospitality leaders in today's global community.


This is achieved through:

  • Dissemination of new and existing knowledge
  • Balanced curriculum
  • Competent faculty/staff/administration
  • Relationships with alumni
  • Mentoring via student services and activities

The curriculum is strongly centered on management skills developed in courses that integrate theory and practice across a variety of employment settings. Some of the strengths of the program include:

  • State-of-the-art food laboratory facilities
  • Knowledgeable faculty with industry and educational experience
  • Strong student organization and classroom experiences that provide leadership opportunities
  • Applied curriculum for more comprehensive learning of concepts and theories
  • Faculty concern for each student, thus providing individualized advising and assistance
  • Excellent opportunities to network with industry professionals and to attend meetings and conferences
  • Great placement rate
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